About Esther

ESTHER ANAYA born in Monteria, Colombia, is a Singer, Violinist, DJ, Composer, Producer and Actress.

Trained in classical music since age 6, now residing in Los angeles, California, Esther has found her place in the music industry, standing out for her originality when incorporating the violin and mixing classic and original sounds to current ones.


From 2017 to 2019, Esther formed the duo Natalia+Esther. Then taking separate paths and starting her journey as soloist in January 2020.

Esther has performed in a open international House DJ format with her elctric violin and mixes of original sets.

Her first electronic song „Viola“ was released in March 2019, giving way to her stage as a singer with „Maracambe“ which was premiered in Cali, Colombia amost 40 thousand people at the Pascual Guerrero Satdium accompanied by 16 dancers and a full band on stage.

The official „Maracambe“ video was shot in her hometown Monteria, Colombia where locals participated in the production.

In 2020she ventured into the world of urban music with her single „BYE“, which showcased Esther´s versatility as it pertains to uniting her talents and various rhythms with her violin.


In 2019, Esther was involved with Dreamworks fort he animated film, „Abominable“. Esther Anaya iss et to begin filming her first Hollywood movie in early 2021.

Esther Anaya ist he founder of ASAF ANGELS Inc., a foundation that is in charge of providing instruments and musical education to low-income children, thus creating a better future fort hem.

Esther Anaya accompanied the beautiful violin sequence in the animated film "Abominable"

EstherAnaya in interview

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