June 19, 2021
16:00 - 02:00
5280 E Washington Blvd Commerce , CA 90040 United States
1st Annual Music Festival
$65 – $1,850



1st Annual Music Festival created for LA’s diverse party people with a fusion of Live Reggaeton EDM HipHop Techno x House Music


About this event


Dragonia is a new magical world who’s gates will only open once a year. A world where Music and Dragons come to life as they fly from corner to corner inside and out of walls, roaring unto a stage of Live Performances infusing the sounds of EDM Reggeaton HipHop and Electronic Music that’ll tickle your eardrums like never before, visuals effects that’ll trip out your eyes and a Glow In The Dark House x Techno Room that you won’t want to leave!!

This is a Blue Carpet 21&Over event.


Created by Artists, Dj’s and Visionaries who want to give LA’s music and party lovers something they’ve never had before! Dragonia is here!

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